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5 things to do in Mazatlán

5 things to do in Mazatlán

Unforgettable vacations, adventure, beautiful natural attractions and the warmth of its people make Mazatán the perfect beach destination on the Pacific coast of Mexico, where visitors experience a journey into the historical past among its vibrant streets and alleys. of this Pearl of the Pacific 


Marvel and enjoy the ideal climate throughout the year in this unique place, where there is always something to see. 


Activities that make your visit to Mazatán… an unforgettable experience.  

Below we list the 5 best things you should do in Mazatlan, the most paradisiacal destination in the state of Sinaloa. Ready? 


1. Unique gastronomy  


Without a doubt, Mazatlan is an outstanding gastronomic destination, where you can taste the freshest seafood in Mexico. In each dish, the highest quality ingredients from the sea stand out, turning them into exquisite and authentic delicacies recognized throughout the world. Dare to try the marlin tacos, aguachile and the squid pork rinds. 


2. Memorable historic center  


Fall in love with its enigmatic historic center, where its buildings are more than 180 years old that run through Plaza Machado, where you can enjoy its beautiful gardens and its kiosk. 


3. Its great Malecón  


7 km long and considered the second longest in the world, the Malecón de Mazatlán, is a place that without thinking twice, we recommend you visit it, from south to north, and from the Lighthouse to the Valentino’s nightclub, where, Through each step, you can observe the urbanization process that this beautiful port has experienced over time. 


You may be interested in Malecón de Mazatlán 


4. Mazatlan Carnival  


We are sure that you have heard of the fun that melts during the Mazatlan Carnival. Without hesitation, you have to live it! Being one of the most important in the country with more than 100 years of tradition, enjoy it at the end of February. 



5. Cervecería El Pacífico 


If you are a beer lover and you are interested in tasting one of the best in Mexico, this is a must. The facilities of the Cervecería El Pacífico an emblematic place for all Mazatlecos with more than 100 years of experience in beer production.  


Did you like this listing? What other activity would you like to know? Do you want to escape to Mazatlan 

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