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Visit Malecon of Mazatlan

Visit Malecon of Mazatlan

Come to Mazatlan, Sinaloa and visit one of the longest boardwalks in the world.

If you are visiting Sinaloa, you can not miss the Malecon de Mazatlan, one of the biggest attractions of this tourist port, which each year receives thousands of visitors who seek to visit every area of this impressive place.

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How to get to the Malecon of Mazatlan?

This tourist attraction is located in the extreme south of Sinaloa and has an extension of approximately 21 kilometers long, divided into 9 tourist sections.

Getting there is very easy and there are several options to get there:

If you are by car

You can drive from downtown, it will only take you half an hour, passing through Zeus Street until you reach Insurgentes Avenue. Then, drive towards the famous Ejército Mexicano Avenue and finally turn towards Lola Beltrán Street.

Public transportation

If you are at the Mazatlan International Airport, you can take a bus to downtown Mazatlan at a cost of approximately $80 pesos for a 45-minute ride. Once you arrive downtown, there are several transportation routes, such as the Sábalo-Cocos Alemán route, which will easily take you to Mazatlán's Malecón.

By Taxi or Uber

One of the most direct options to get to the Malecon in Mazatlan. At the airport you will find a cab stand that you can easily board and they will take you directly to the Malecon. You can also order from your Uber app, which has the same function as a cab.

Where does the Malecon begin and end in Mazatlan?

Traveling Mazatlan’s Malecon from end to end is an unforgettable experience, as it is one of the longest boardwalks in the world.

The Malecon starts at the famous Mazatlan Lighthouse, which is located at the top of Cerro Creston, and ends at the popular Zona Dorada de Sinaloa, another of the city’s tourist attractions.

As you make your tour, you will find an incredible amount of options to enjoy, while observing the incredible scenery that the Pacific Ocean has to offer.

What to do and see in Mazatlan's Malecon?

Another of the great qualities that make Mazatlan’s Malecon so famous among tourists is the great amount of stores you can find along it, from cliff views, historical monuments, historical buildings, hotels, bars and restaurants, handicraft stores and more.

Here is a list of all the activities you can do on Mazatlan’s Malecon to spend an incredible day during your vacation:

  • Taste a regional dish at the traditional seafood restaurant, La Puntilla.
  • Walk up the path to the famous Mazatlan Lighthouse.
  • Observe breathtaking views on the cliffs of the Paseo del Centenario, Mazatlan.
  • Visit Olas Altas Beach.
  • See various historical monuments on Paseo Claussen.
  • View Mazatlan’s turquoise waters from Avenida del Mar.
  • Visit the popular Playa Camarón, Sábalo.

Buy various handicrafts in Cerritos, Mazatlan.

Boutique Hotel in Mazatlan

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